Het Stempel is aware of its social responsibility and is ready to help a substantial contribution. Corporate social responsibility is therefore for some time regular part of the business operations of Het Stempel

Corporate Social Responsibility focuses on a balance between three basic principles: People, Planet and Profit. The business operations of The Stamp is thus aimed at balancing financial aspects and social and environmental impacts.

People relate to the human aspect of business operations compared to people both inside and outside the company and joins the stamp include the following expression:

– Sponsorship of sports VV Groote Lindt
– Sponsorship of the dart team of municipality Zwijndrecht
– Good training and development opportunities for staff
– Equal opportunities for men and women in the workplace
– 16.00 time for Cup-A-Soup

Planet represents the environment and nature. The involvement of the stamp with the environment and nature can be represented as follows:

– Digitizing archival drawings (less paper)
– Recycled paper and printing
– Separate collection / processing waste
– Fuel-efficient cars. Our fleet consists partly of large cars with a low or very low CO2 emissions (7%, 14% and 20% addition) and replacement for cars with low emissions is stimulated. All diesel vehicles are fitted with particulate filters.
– Energy (Motion on rudeness, lighting and ventilation after work completely suspended, sleep on equipment)

The expected profit of corporate social responsibility consists of a positive work environment and work more joy in our business which will lead to a greater involvement of our employees and clients, a lower risk profile and sustainable profitability.